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Tip #15: Where to Sit to ‘Influence and Include’

You’re about to make a persuasive presentation to a cross-functional task team of your peers in a conference room with a long rectangular table. Quick – where’s the best place to sit? The head of the table you say? Think again. The head of the table is great for a “command-and-control” style directive, but your persuasive […]

Public Speaking Tip #54: Site Inspections Key to Success

Doing a site inspection is a great public speaking practice to avoid pitfalls and also a good way to see if your site offers any opportunities.

Tip #16: Speak Positive, It Works

The sign in the Starbucks window reads: “We welcome Service Animals.” And, in much smaller letters, it states: “No pets, please. Thanks.” Being warm and welcoming is on brand for Starbucks so it’s no surprise that their customer signage follows suit. The message easily could have been reversed with the “No pets, please!” in large letters (and an exclamation mark […]

Thanksgiving Dinner Tip

Of course we love all the fantastic food at Thanksgiving dinner, but it’s the great conversations that really make the day special for me. The head of the table may be the traditional “power position” but a spot in the middle of the table is much better for interacting with more people. From this centralized position, you […]

Public Speaking Tip #48: Stand out in Business Meetings

Meetings, meetings, meetings. They are a big part of the day for most business professionals. And they are a big opportunity to use public speaking and business communication skills that can help you stand out. The following tips will help you make the most out of business meetings: Come Prepared. Do your homework and research […]

Vi Living at Silverstone Public Speaking Workshop

Had a great time presenting a public speaking workshop for the leadership team at Vi Living at Silverstone in Scottsdale this morning. About 30 people attended and we covered everything from where to sit to how to stand to command a room. Pictured in the photo above are (from left) Kim Bankofier, Community Relations Manager; Paul […]

Pros and Cons of Green Screen vs. Authentic Backgrounds

By Paul Barton Principal Consultant The great Zoom meeting debate is on – green screen vs. real background. What say you? Which do you prefer? If you’re not sure, here are some things to consider that will lead you to the answer that’s best suited for your presentation. Green Screen Do’s and Don’ts Green screens […]

Step Up and Lead: 3 Steps to Crisis Messages that Work

By Paul Barton Principal Consultant WHETHER it’s a small business, a large company, or the entire nation, when a crisis hits, people want to hear three message types, they want to hear them in a particular order, and they want to hear them right now. If you’re a business leader or a spokesperson for your […]

5 Tips to Make You a Better Videoconference Presenter

Presenting on a videoconference is different than presenting in an in-person meeting. Many in-person public speaking basics still apply but many require some modifications due to the challenges of virtual technology. Here are five tips to help make you a more effective presenter in the virtual world: 1) Dress Appropriately. Ditch the pajamas. You don’t […]