Six-Hour Customized Coaching Package

Once we have assessed your needs, we will zero-in on exactly the areas you would like to grow. You will receive customized coaching and accountability to keep you on track and gain the exact skills you need to present with confidence and grow your business.


  • Shore-up specific areas of your presentation or presenting style that need work.
  • Learn formulas and tools to put together your remarks with ease.
  • Create clarity with the help of a fresh perspective.
  • Gain confidence from practice and feedback.

Included Elements

  • Two one-hour coaching sessions per month via Zoom.
  • Notes and homework assignments to work on between sessions.
  • Feedback and tools to address areas for improvement.
  • Unlimited support through email and phone.
  • Free attendance at any of our public workshops — for life!


  • This is a 3-month program and the investment is $1,497
  • You may choose to pay month-by-month at a cost of $550 per month

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