Meeting planners and corporate trainers, let’s talk about how our custom in-house workshops can meet your training needs.



We offer workshops that give you the confidence to speak out and the skills to stand out in presentations, business meetings, job interviews, networking events and interpersonal situations.

Interactive Workshops

You’ll be out of your chair and on your feet for much of these fun and enlightening workshops. Experience real-time coaching and role-playing scenarios to help you speak more effectively.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Deliver persuasive presentations that turn heads and win hearts
  • Introduce yourself and make a great first impression
  • Use storytelling techniques to make a lasting impact
  • Network effectively and be remembered
  • Collaborate more effectively with co-workers and clients using active listening skills


Outcomes You Can Expect

  • Acquire greater self-confidence
  • Find your voice and expand your comfort zone
  • Overcome nervous jitters and own the room
  • Learn how to stand and deliver with presence and poise
  • Increase interpersonal skills
  • Receive easy-to-remember tips, tricks and powerful formulas to tackle real-world situations

Imagine being able to present with poise and presence to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Say yes to speaking success!

Can’t Come to Us? Let Us Come to You!

Can’t attend one of our sessions? Let us come to you! Contact us to create a customized in-house workshop for you and your team, or to arrange a personal coaching program.

We’ve done custom corporate workshops on-site for Coca-Cola, Avnet, The Phoenix Business Journal, BillingTree, the Crisis Network, Vi Silverstone and others.

You can connect with us using the handy contact form, email us directly or call us at 623-215-4675.

Phoenix Public Speaking workshop