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Blueprint for Public Speaking Success

Phoenix Public Speaking Principal Consultant Paul Barton will discuss exactly what it takes to be an effective public speaker and business presenter in the “Blueprint for Public Speaking Success” talk in Phoenix on Friday, March 2.

You’ll discover:

  • Simple but powerful ways to define the qualities needed to be a good speaker.
  • How to use the blueprint to assess your skills — what areas are you good at, what areas do you need to improve.
  • New ways of thinking about what it means to be an effective communicator in the Digital Age.

This one-hour informal talk is free to attend but you must register. Seating is limited to the first five people who sign-up. The talk will be held in a private conference room located within a Starbucks. It’s a cozy atmosphere that is conducive for insightful conversation. Participants are asked to bring pen and paper, and be prepared for an interactive discussion. Hope to see you there!

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